Optimizing Image Processing in AWS Lambda: A Deep Dive into Using ImageMagick with Docker

I this post I’m showing what I learned and the end code for generating optimized thumbnails for images uploaded to an S3 bucket.

Tech stack: python, docker, aws lamba, terraform

The project demanded support for a range of image formats beyond the standard ones like PNG, JPG, GIF, and WebP. Therefore, Pillow, a common simple to use python imaging library, was not suitable for the requeriments.

Enter ImageMagick, the open-source library renowned for its extensive support of file formats, making it the ideal tool for our requirements.

X Series IP Camera

X Series ip camera (Amazon) Android apphttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=huiyan.p2pwificam.client&hl=ca IOS appphttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ismartviewpro/id834791071?mt=8 RTSP / VLC Streaming rtsp://{username}:{password}@{ip}/live/ch0rtsp://{username}:{password}@{ip}/live/ch1 Snapshot from X Series IP Camera http://{ip}/mjpeg/snap.cgi?chn=0 Default settings Username adminPassword 123456 ONVIF http://{ip}/onvif/device_servic The X Series IP Camera follow ONVIF standard although the ONVIF service is disabled as default.