X Series IP Camera

Android app

IOS appp

RTSP / VLC Streaming


Snapshot from X Series IP Camera


Default settings

Username admin
Password 123456



The X Series IP Camera follow ONVIF standard although the ONVIF service is disabled as default.

If you find this post useful you may be interested in Google AIY Vision Full Kit or a cheap IP camera.

Time-lapse done with this camera:

Advanced Symfony 2 environment variables

In this article I’m going to share a trick that I use to achieve a similar result of the New in Symfony 3.4: Advanced environment variables for Symfony 2.x.

The new advanced environment variables is a great improvement on the developer experience using symfony. It is the way to go in the future and it expands what you can do using YML thanks to Symfony Expressions in the config and parameter files. Although you could do exactly the same in Symfony 2 with a small little trick.

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