How to XDebug PHP on production or a remote application

Does you ever had an issue that only appears on production environment? Have you ever felt how easy could be to solve an issue if you can debug the live system instead of the localhost that just works fine?

Debugging a live system can be scary, but it is not if you follow the right steps. Follow this How to XDebug PHP on production and please comment. Continue reading

XDebug and PHP setup for Mac OSX

Debugging PHP it shouldn’t be painful. XDebug it’s a fantastic PHP extension that provide debugging capabilities. The setup procedure it is easy and it already comes ready to go on XAMP and WAMP.

Let’s start for the mistake when someone try to “debug” a code for the first time. When you are digging into unknown behavior in your code you are running web server while you edit your code and press F5 compulsively. Add a die there, var_dump there and see if there is what you expect until you found something unexpected and start following that clue again. Continue reading